GE Inspection CR50P Computed Radiography Scanner
Stock # 150710C
This is a complete, ready to use GE CR50P Scanner, that is ready to go right out of the box. The GE CR50P is the newest generation of CR scanners, which are completely mobile, making in field inspection quicker than ever before. The work station that is included with the sale is brand new, and is in complete working order. This sale is not just for the scanner, but the complete Computed Radiography setup with everything needed to analyze shots, which include all of the following:
-GE CR50P Scanner
-Portrait Monitor for analyzing shots
-Landscape Monitor for Operating Unit
-2 Rugged transport hard cases
-Work Station W/ Mouse and Keyboard
-GE Rhythm Acquire 3.0 software
-GE Rhythm Review 3.0 software
-GE Rhythm Dome Controller Software
-GE Rhythm Multi-monitor Software
-GE Rhythm Archive Software
-20 Film Holders
-Cleaning Supplies
-Cables and Accessories
-Software Recovery Disk
-Imaging Plate
Overall, complete setups like this are rarely seen used, especially in this condition. The complete purchase price of a comparable setup would be more than $120,000 with everything included above. The GE Rhythm Software alone is more than $40,000, and this is the full acquire/review version with a bunch of extra features licensed. Even though 3.0 is completely usable, if you decide to upgrade to the latest 5.0 version, it is only $5200 compared to a full price of $40,000. Setup comes in 2 large travel cases, so shipping will not be difficult, but somewhat costly. If going internationally, please be aware it may take a little longer for delivery than usual since it is so large. If their are any questions, do not hesitate to contact us and for local pick-up options, go to to make arrangements. Images of workstation and software are available per request. 

he new CR 50P portable computed radiography scanner from GE Inspection Technologies is light and compact enough to allow the benefits of computed radiography to be realised at remote locations in applications requiring both high throughput and high resolution. With a laser spot size of just 50 micron and with the high resolution afforded by today’s IPS display screens, the new scanner will allow computed radiography to assume more and more of the duties which have conventionally been restricted to film radiography.

Weighing just 22 kilograms, the CR 50P offers excellent image quality through its optimised optics and a scan resolution which can be user-variable from 50 to 130 �m pixel pitch. Scan results can be displayed on a connected laptop or a local high resolution monitor. The output data can also be processed using Rhythm software, which has been specifically designed for NDT applications and offers advanced image review tools and data management and storage. In addition, Rhythm features extensive data sharing capabilities, allowing significant improvements in productivity and faster identification of defect indications.

The CR 50P accepts flexible, phosphor imaging plates up to 35.5cm (14 inches) wide and of virtually any length. Plates can be processed on a continuous basis, with one plate being fed into the unit while another plate is being scanned. The plates have been designed to operate in harsh environments and feature a special protective, scratch-resistant layer. They are available in a sensitivity range from D7 – D4 depending whether resolution or speed is the governing inspection factor.

With its intrinsic flexibility, portability and efficiency, the CR 50P will find application throughout the industrial and process spectrum but especially in the oil and gas and aerospace sectors.

Ultimately, Computed Radiography was chosen for its fast exposure and scanning times to easily meet the cycle constraints. The only problem was that the technique did not carry DNV approval for this kind of work. Consequently, GTSG arranged for inspectors from DNV, a global risk management and certification agency, to fly out to the site, to carry out the required approval procedures. As a result, the technique was approved to DNV OS-F101 and it has proved possible to achieve better than 1.2% sensitivity at 100µm resolution, a quality equal to that achievable by film radiography.

In operation, GE Sensing & Inspection TechnologiesÂ’ IPS and IPC2 phosphor imaging plates were placed around the weld on top of an insulating layer to protect them from the very high pipe surface temperatures. They were then exposed to the radiation of a source carried by an X-ray crawler inside the pipe. Exposure times were very short, a particular feature of these latest imaging plates, which also offer a wide dynamic range and exposure latitude, minimizing the need for time-consuming retakes. The exposed plates were fed into an adjacent CR50P portable CR scanner.

GE’s CR50P weighs just 22 kg (48.5 lb) and offers excellent image quality through its optimized optics and a scan resolution which can be user variable from 50 to 130µm pixel pitch. Plates can be fed on a continuous basis, with one plate being fed into the unit while another plate is being scanned. Results are displayed on a black and white monitor with a resolution of 3 million pixels and 65000 grey scale. The data is managed and processed using GE’s Rhythm software platform, which offers advanced image review tools and storage cabalilty. Data is stored in the DICONDE protocol, which has been specifically developed for non-destructive testing inspection applications and allows images to be stored with text to facilitate future database searches. Currently, GTSG is storing data on CDs and DVDs, although this can be converted to computer hard drive if required. Moreover, the Rhythm suite also includes Rhythm Archive, an elegant and comprehensive long-term data storage solution.

Since obtaining the DNV approval, the technique has also been approved to AS 2885.2 and as Dave Ryan, managing director at GTSG, says, “We believe that Computed Radiography has a lot to offer the oil and gas industry and we are very pleased to have played a part in ensuring that the technique has gained the approvals it merits. We view it as an important addition to our existing range of NDT technologies.”

Rhythm Software—Data Management for X-ray
Inspection Information
The Rhythm suite of user-friendly software from
GE Inspection Technologies offers advanced image review
tools and data management for all X-ray inspection
modalities, including computed radiography, digital
radiography and film digitization. Its advanced data sharing
capabilities allow significant improvements in productivity
and enable faster identification of quality problems, leading to
reduced production defects or better in-service asset
Using industry-standard, non-proprietary data transfer
formats, Rhythm provides an elegant and cohesive solution to
data management and sharing needs, while creating a stable
platform for future NDT software capabilities.
Enhance the Business Impact
of NDT
Improve efficiency and reproducibility
Advanced image review tools cover all X-ray inspection
modalities including computed radiography, digital
radiography and film digitization.
Save time and money
Send information electronically to the inspection experts
rather than sending the experts to the information. Share
information between workstations, locations and within the
supply chain.
Automate specific inspection tasks
Application-specific tools improve process efficiency.
Protect your investment
Scalable architecture allows the solution to grow with your
needs. DICOM/DICONDE compliance ensures your data will
not become obsolete.
Reduce training requirements
Quickly and easily learn this user-friendly solution.
The Power of Four
Oil and Gas
The new Rhythm software suite comprises four integrated Data Management Inspection Management
modules, all of which use off-the-shelf hardware.
Rhythm Acquire
Interacts with the inspection source to collect digital
information that it passes on to Rhythm Review. It contains a
database of the relevant inspection techniques and can
control the inspection equipment.
Rhythm Report
Allows creation of reports of findings with Rhythm with
standardized templates or easily configured customized
formats. Rhythm Report increases your productivity by
allowing you to generate reports right at the inspection site.
Rhythm Review
Accepts data from Rhythm Acquire, other Rhythm Review
workstations, and removable media, such as CD and DVD.
Provides application tools for analysis, enhancement,
measurement and storage of received data.
Rhythm Archive
Provides both on-line and nearline data storage to allow
simplified information sharing and faster access to
Power Generation
Rhythm Acquire
Acquire is a one-time activity (or entered as new
parts are inspected or new techniques used).
• Input the information used to identify inspected parts.
• Input information about radiographic techniques used to
inspect each part.
• As parts are inspected and imaging plates are scanned,
information is passed along with the image in a DICONDE
file to Rhythm Review.
– The image and information are always together.
– This information is used to find the image in Rhythm
Review or anywhere in your digital imaging network
(workstations, shelf-managed archives, central on-line
Rhythm Report
Rhythm Report is an automated report generator
tool that allows you to create reports of your
findings with Rhythm with just a few clicks of a
• Leverage Microsoft® Word-based reports that you can
send, query on, modify and receive. Reports are treated
separately from associated images so that they con be
amended and sent independently over a network.
• Create real time reports at the inspection site with preformatted
• Generate labels with annotations and measurements that
can be viewed or hidden with your study and report.
• Establish reporting profiles to display your report windows
in a particular way that helps you manage your reports.
Rhythm Review
Rhythm Review uses the data from Rhythm
Acquire to automatically organize your inspection
• Sort “Studies� using this data. A “Study� is a unique
combination of Component ID, Component Name, and
Study ID.
• Field labels are easily customized, like those in Rhythm
• Other DICONDE fields, like Study Status and Study Date,
help you easily retrieve and manage your data.
• When multiple images are created of the same part,
Rhythm organizes the images into one study to simplify
retrieval, review and archiving.
• Rhythm allows you to query the DICONDE information for
quick retrieval when you have accumulated a large
amount of inspection data at your workstation.
• Rhythm allows you to query the DICONDE information to
find Studies even after they have been archived to CD/DVD.
Rhythm Archive
Rhythm Archive delivers a complete scalable and
flexible DICONDE storage solution for NDT images.
• Provides fast, reliable storage and retrieval of images using
Plasmon Ultra Density Optical (UDO) technology.
• Manages various types of storage devices, including both
internal and external RAID-based, EMC Centera and NAS
interfaced storage.
• Stores uncompressed, lossless, lossy and JPEG2000 formats.
• Sends data to DICOM/DICONDE-ready devices.
With Rhythm Archive, all studies are stored centrally with no
need to query individual Rhythm Review workstations. Rhythm
Archive manages workflow to automatically route, archive
and delete images from local review stations. It also provides
full review and analysis capabilities.
Rhythm Modules
Rhythm Acquire Rhythm Report Rhythm Review Rhythm Archive
Quick Reports
Expert Review
and Analysis
Data Storage and
Enables Trending
Rhythm Local Archive
• The Local Archive module allows archiving of component,
study and report data on a single removable media from
any removable device that has a Windows®-based driver. It
is useful for organizations that have “shelf managed�
archives or that want to distribute images via removable
• Data is written in DICOM/DICONDE format readable by third
party systems compliant in that format. Local Archive
presents the first step in digital archiving with growth to full
DICOM/DICONDE archiving.
• A browser-based viewer allows for exporting of images and
reports outside of the network, along with an option for
printed reports.
Rhythm Multi-Monitor/Mixed
Monitor Module
• Multi-Monitor/Mixed Monitor allows Rhythm to run on more
than one monitor, which increases your information display
space, as well as configuring Rhythm to run on color and
monochrome monitors and monitors with different
• View images on high-resolution color monitors and reports
and data on lower resolution commercial monitors with a
powerful work list that minimizes the need to toggle
between images and data.
Quality Control Module
• The Quality Control module is a quality assurance tool for
post-processing acquired data. It verifies that images and
studies are correct and that they have the right information
associated with them before they are shared or permanently
stored and provides the capability to modify them.
• The module assesses if component or technique data was
entered incorrectly, if images are not in the right order, that
DICONDE information is incorrect or missing, or if window
level settings during acquisition were not optimal.
• The Quality Control module also provides access to the study
status history so that you can determine when components
were inspected, by whom, and with what outcome.
Rhythm DlCOM Print Module
• The DlCOM Print module provides a solution for the inevitable
need to provide print images from within the digital imaging
network. It supports printers from high-end DICOMcompliant
ones to off-the-shelf printers with standard
Windows® drivers. It supports color and monochrome
printers and also allows for multiple printer connections.
• It allows the printing of series or studies in pre-defined film
layouts or from your custom layouts. In addition, it offers
a “virtual film sheet� that allows you to compose print jobs
on the fly from within the Viewing section—rearranging,
annotating and post-processing images before sending
them to the printer.
Enhance Rhythm Functionality with Optional Modules
The Right Tools for the Job
One of the major factors that allows Rhythm to increase
inspection efficiency is its integral range of advanced,
application-specific tools.
Rhythm’s advanced image review and tools enable the
following benefits:
• Save time through quicker image evaluation.
• Improve quality of inspections through advanced review tools.
Wall Thickness Measurement
• Performs computer-assisted wall thickness measurement to
detect local corrosion in projection radiographs by use of
tangential or penetration wall measurement tools.
• Saves the measurement results and the exposure parameters.
Area Measurement and
• Allows users to select an area around a porosity and
automatically calculate the loss of material/area
measurement of the defect.
Multi-film Inspection Tool
• Reproduces the conventional film method of putting two or
three different sensitivity films on top of one another and
shooting a part, then having different cross-sectional
thickness ranges available for analysis.
This tool splits the dynamic range of the selected
radiographic image into two or three exclusive partitions for
better visualization and analysis of image features.
Defect and Material Loss
• Allows users to measure material loss in the X-ray beam
direction (similar to the wall thickness penetration
measurement), showing material loss instead.
Protecting Your Future
Rhythm doesn’t just ensure your NDT needs are met today,
but also looks to what you may require in the future.
This is achieved through the scalable architecture intrinsic to
the design of the software, DICOM/DICONDE compliance, and
GE Inspection Technologies’ focus on application-specific tools.
• While Rhythm is currently configured for X-ray inspection
management, ultrasonic and eddy current capabilities are
planned for the near future.
• As your requirements grow, you can add more review
stations, database capacity and DVD jukeboxes to your
system. This ensures you will always have the capacity
required without the expense of investing in a new solution.
• Because the software is DICOM/DICONDE compliant, you
will not face the problems of being locked into propriety
solutions where time and expense is wasted on maintaining
previous NDT systems.
• GE Inspection Technologies is committed to working closely
with you to develop application-specific tools that can be
deployed quickly as Rhythm plug-ins.

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