Zetec Miz-27CT Eddy Current Instrument
Stock # 150322B
This is a extremely clean instrument, that has very little use, and has never been outside. The main issue with used tube testing equipment is they have seen 100’s of hours of outdoor use, and are typically on the verge of needing a major repair. This unit looks like it is brand new, aside from the normal scuffs from occasional use. 
The miz-27 line of instruments has a few different variations, the ET, SI, RFT, and CT. The CT is a fully configured ET model, but also has an Input/Output board for connection to an assembly line/manufacturing plant. It also has network configuration, as well as the upgraded REMOTE option. This is a completely fully loaded unit, with very low hours, that retailed for almost $46,000. The calibration is out of date, but was last calibrated in early 2013. 
Included with the Sale
Zetec Miz-27 CT Eddy Current Instrument
         :Optional Input/Output board installed
:Optional Remote Board Installed
Includes Power Cord 

Basic Specifications:
Combining high speed, state-of-the-art testing capabilities with a revolutionary new active matrix colour display, the multi-channel, multi-frequency MIZ-27 makes inspections faster and easier than ever to perform. With the MIZ-27’s flexible configurations and options, you can easily tailor its power and capabilities to meet your specific budget and application requirements. It features one to eight channel configurations from four coil sets (one analogue board), or 16-channel configuration with eight coil sets (two analogue boards). It offers a frequency range of 100 Hz to 1 MHz, and high digital sample rates enabling test speeds of up to 260 inches per second or seven meters per second.