Hardness Detector

Hardness Detector

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  • $4,999.99

    Proceq Equotip R3 Portable Hardness Tester w/Probe!

    Excellent working condition Equotip R3 from Proceq for sale. This unit is in very good working order with very little signs of use. Was only used as a demo instrument so there is no field use. The unit comes with a probe and cable, as well as a standard and carrying case. The unit functions perfectly. Please check out our high resolution images below for a closer look!
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  • $8,999.99

    GE Krautkramer TIV Optical Vickers Hardness Tester

    Fantastic condition GE Krautkramer TIV Hardness Tester for sale. This demo unit has no field use and shows very minimal signs of use. The buttons and touchscreen work nicely and the display is bright and crisp. The probe has no scratches and the kit comes in an easy to carry transport case. The unit as a whole functions perfectly, please check out the high resolution images for a closer look!
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  • $7,999.99

    GE Inspection Technologies MIC 20 Hardness Tester

    Great condition MIC-20 for sale from GE Inspection Technologies. This unit is in very nice shape with little to no signs of use, and comes as a complete kit including the probe, cable, battery & charger, and a carrying case for easy transport. The unit functions perfectly. Please see the high resolution images below for a closer look!
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  • $7,999.00

    Proceq Equotip 550 Portable Rockwell Hardness Tester...

    Terrific working condition Proceq Equotip 550 Hardness Tester with Equostat 3 Probe for sale. This unit and probe both look great, with very little use on them. The screen on the Equotip unit is bright and crisp, with no scratches blocking your view, and the touchscreen is very smooth and easy to use. The buttons on the device work very well, and the ports and connectors are clean and free of any dirt or debris. The probe looks great also, with no scratches or damage, and the unit and probe function perfectly. Please see all of the high resolution images below for a much closer look! Proceq's Equotip enables portable hardness inspection of almost any object, polished parts and heat-treated surfaces. The hardness measurements are made by using the dynamic rebound testing method according to Leeb, the static Portable Rockwell hardness test and the Ultrasonic Contact Impedance (UCI) method. The rugged Swiss-made metal NDT hardness testers are designed for portable hardness testing in the lab, in the workshop, at production facilities or on site. Proceq's latest innovation is Equotip Live featuring a wireless impact device, mobile app, real-time data sharing and cloud backup.
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  • $4,999.00

    Proceq Equotip 3 Hardness Tester Kit

    Great condition Proceq Equotip 3 units in stock. These units have very little signs of use and function very well. The displays are in great shape, the buttons work perfectly, and the units are very accurate and portable. Please see all of the high resolution images below for a closer look at these fantastic units! The EQUOTIP measuring principle is physically a rather simple, dynamic hardness test. An impact body with a hard metal test tip is propelled by spring force against the surface of the test piece. Surface deformation takes place when the impact body hits the test surface, which will result in loss of kinetic energy. This energy loss is calculated by velocity measurements when the impact body is at a precise distance from the surface for both the impact and rebound phase of the test.
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  • $6,999.00

    GE MIC-10 Portable Hardness Tester Kit w...

    MIC 10 kit with probe(205) in amazing condition. This unit is near perfect and works great. Buttons are crisp and responsive and takes accurate reading with probe!! Please check out the high resolution pictures below for a closer look!! The MIC 10 uses the UCI (Ultrasonic Contact Impedance) method for efficient and accurate measurements by electronically measuring the Vickers diamond indent and then displaying the hardness value instantly. This portable hardness tester can test hard to reach places and can measure in any direction, making it a flexible solution for operators. Measurements can be viewed as either a single value or an average value and it is easy to edit erroneous values. The default calibration parameter is fro low and non-alloyed steel but the unit can also be recalibrated to other mateirals.
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