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This is a like new complete kit, which includes all GE Krautkramer branded accessories.

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This is a like new complete kit, which includes all GE Krautkramer branded accessories. This is the upgraded Data-Logging version with internal memory, which is one of the most sought after portable UCI and Rebound hardness testers on the market. The MIC20 has been a reliable, easy to use instrument, due to the simple form factor, lightweight design and easily view-able color touchscreen. The kit includes a krautkramer 205 probe with accessories. The probe has absolutely no wear, and the unit looks almost like new. Don't miss out on this opportunity to get a like new condition hardness tester at a fraction of the $15,600 retail cost.
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-GE MIC 20 
The MIC 20 is a two-in-one versatile tester combining the UCI test methods (Ultrasonic Contact Impedance, ultrasonic contact impedance) and rebound (standardized according to ASTM A956 standards, the 1038 and DIN 50156, 50159). The method UCI test small parts of complex shapes and comprise fine-grained metals, while the rebound method is more suitable for larger castings and forgings and coarse parts.

Static and Dynamic

For the first time, the MIC 20 of Krautkramer combines the methods of quasi-static UCI hardness test and dynamic rebound: the MIC 20 places now "hardness testing in a twin pack" at your disposal with these two different physical methods - and covers its entire range of applications.

This makes the MIC 20 a universal instrument: you can use it to test fine-grained materials with pasta and different shapes or surfaces with heat treatment (UCI method) and also components, forgings and large cast materials and coarse-grained (method By rebound).

Two Methods

The UCI method (Ultrasonic Contact Impedance, ultrasonic contact impedance) determines the hardness of a material based on the size of the indentation left in the material testing by a Vickers diamond after applying the test load.

In the case of rebound method, an impact body is propelled by spring force against the test surface. Impact speeds and rebound are measured without contact; the hardness value is calculated from these two values.

The MIC 20 automatically adjusts to the corresponding method so that one is connected UCI probe or an impact device for rebound.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Hardness tester combined for testing the hardness almost static according to the UCI method (ASTM A1038) and dynamic hardness testing according to the rebound method (ASTM A956)
  • UCI probes for hardness testing of fine-grained materials having different masses and shapes or heat treated surfaces.
  • Impact devices for rebound hardness tests on components, forgings and cast materials and large coarse-grained.
  • Automatic scale conversion to HV, HB, HRC, HRB, HS, HL and N / mm2
  • Operation by keys and / or integrated touch-sensitive screen, easy to enter alphanumeric
  • Power supply: mains adapter (100 V - 240 V) or NiMH battery pack MIC 20-BAT (internal charging)
  • Internal data memory for about 5,000 measurement series
  • Quick and easy Calibration according to test different materials. The calibration data are stored and can be retrieved
  • Non-directional measurement without introducing correction factors
  • The large TFT color display shows you at a glance all the necessary information during measurement, for example, average individual value or statistical data
  • Data memory organized clearly to save the measurement results in an easy and structured way.The measurement series can be retrieved and edited.

Use Easy Oriented Course

MIC is one of the characteristics 20. You can directly see the indicated measured value according to the hardness scale selected in the large color LCD or color TFT display.The graphical user interface shown in the display is adapted to the known Windows standard and its presentation is intuitive. You do not need a mouse to operate, only a stylus to tap on the touch screen and set the functions.Alternatively, there is also conventional buttons available for most configurations.

You will soon be familiar with the operating concept: three main menus ensure easy access to crucial functions - there is no way to get lost in a maze of menus!

The MIC 20 facilitates, for example, the calibration for you.The configuration parameters are then simply filed and recalled by pressing a button or a click on the corresponding application box.

A direct memory data enables the convenience and structuring in saving and management of test results. The MIC 20 also presents the necessary functions for your analysis: You can view a series of measurements as a curve, histogram or table with statistics.You can use, for example, the standard Windows applications for processing, evaluation and subsequent statistics.

Use in Local

with the mobile and flexible MIC 20, you surely will like it: in addition to an electrical connection, the instrument is operated through our rechargeable battery pack, which allows the internal loading on the instrument. The display is switched off after a certain period of time and can be reactivated by a touch on the screen. You can also automatically trigger a full shutdown after a preset period of time - which ensures operation with energy savings.

Test methods UCI method: hardness testing with an indenter Vickers, evaluation of the indentation test under load.

Method rebound according to ASTM A956 specification: Dynamic test method relationship between the rebound speeds (Rp) and impact (Ip) with hardness output in Leeb HL = 1000 Rp / Ip

Band 20 - 1740 HV
Impact devices for rebound To be selected according to the application:
Tungsten Carbide ball with 3 mm of diameter:
- metallic ferrule Dyna D
Tungsten Carbide ball with diameter of 5 mm:
- metallic ferrule Dyna L
- Diamond assay ferrule Dyna E
Measuring ranges / conversions (UCI) 20-1740 HV / HB 76-618 / 41-105 HRB / 20.3 to 68.0 HRC / 255-2180 N / mm² (only with manual probe 98 N / 10 kgf)
Measuring ranges / conversions (rebound) Depending on the material group and impact device:
150-1000 HL / 75-1000 HV / HB 75-700 / 30-100 HS / 35-100 HRB / HRC 19-70 / 250-2200 N / mm²
Display Colored or display color TFT display, 1/4 VGA, 5.7 ", 115.2 mm x 76.8 mm (4.5" x 3.0 ")
Dialog languages German, English (other)
Conversion Automatically, in accordance with DIN 50150, ASTM E 140
Evaluation Representation of test data as a curve, histogram or table format; statistics calculation (eg average, standard deviation, range)
Automatic shutdown of the instrument After a period of time selectable by the user, with automatic saving of test data and instrument settings
Keyboard Keyboard membrane sealed with integrated touch-sensitive screen
Operating time ~ 4 hours of continuous operation with NiMH battery pack MIC 20-BAT
Battery charge indicator Low battery indicator, instrument shutdown with
low voltage
Operational system WinCE
Interfaces Bidirectional RS-232, Ethernet 10 Mbit
Operating Environment Operation: 0 ° C to 50 ° C (-32 ° F to 122 ° F)
Storage: -20 ° C to 70 ° C (-4 ° F to 158 ° F)
Weight ~ 1.4 kg / 3.1 lbs (incl. MIC 20-BAT)
Dimensions 78 mm W x 215 mm H x 180 mm D (3.1 "L x 8.5" H x 7.1 "D)


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