EddyFi Ectane ECT/RFT/NFT/MFL Tube Inspection Flaw Detector


This is completely loaded tube inspection unit that shows very little signs of use.

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This is completely loaded tube inspection unit that shows very little signs of use. The unit is ready To Use out of the box. The unit has the following methods installed, which includes all of the following:
The Ectane unit has been verified against a NIST standard and has absolutely zero issues. The outer shell shows some signs of use with some small marks and scratches,but overall looks great. Rarely do these units come available used, especially with so many methods installed. This unit retails for more than $73,800 and here is your opportunity to get it at a fraction of the retail price. 

Included with the sale is the following:

-EddyFi Ectane Flaw Detector ET/RFT/NFT/MFL

-Power Cable

-Pelican Case

-USB drive


Eddyfi brings to the field a combination of power and functionality that has never been available before in such a small and light remote data acquisition unit. The Ectane™ is a new kind of no-compromise, high-performance inspection instrument with a strong bent on usability. Ectane is a field-ready multi-technology surface, heat exchanger (HX), and tube inspection instrument. In many ways, we believe that the Ectane redefines the potential of electromagnetic technologies for surface and tube NDT inspections.

Small and Light
Key to the Ectane™ is the form factor and packaging. The instrument is compact, at roughly 610 in3 (10 liters). Its 100% magnesium alloy casing comes in at less than 15 lb (5.9 kg). with batteries and multiplexer. Such a light instrument does not need to be carried in a backpack or some kind of trolley; you can simply carry it in your hand.

Sealed Enclosure
With its rugged and completely sealed enclosure, you can use the Ectane in the world’s most inhospitable inspection environments, be it a nuclear contaminated area or a highly dusty environment.

Inspection Flexibility
The Ectane provides new features that will add flexibility to your inspection programs. The plug-and-play connectivity of the instrument and the self-calibration tool can all help increase the productivity and general efficiency of your team. The instrument’s two batteries can be used as your main source of power, or as backup power, should power from the outlet be interrupted during the acquisition. The remote control allows driving the acquisition sequence from a distance and also 1-man operation.

The SmartMUX™: an Integrated, Universal and Programmable Multiplexer
With the Ectane, Eddyfi introduces the game-changing SmartMUX, a multiplexer that resides inside the instrument. Array probes now connect directly to the Ectane’s single or double 160-pin connector. The SmartMUX is also programmable, to support any coil topology. You program it directly from a convenient software wizard. With such versatility, the Ectane allows users and probe designers alike to take advantage of any absolute, differential, or transmit-receive eddy current coil technology they want. The Ectane also expands the capacity of ECA to 256 elements. Modular by design, the instrument may be factory-retrofitted over time to increase channel capacity from 64 to 128 or 256 elements.

Light, rugged, portable, and sealed
Electromagnetic techniques such as RFT and MFL are used to inspect carbon steel and ferritic materials. The Ectane’s low frequency and excellent bandwidth filter capabilities combined with software-specific RFT features and voltage planes ensure effective defect identification and assessment. The Ectane instrument and Magnifi™ C-scan views are designed to support emerging array technologies (eddy current, remote field, and magnetic flux) for tube inspections. Array technologies leverage the Ectane’s 8 channels by multiplexing channel signals. Tube array probes that use the Ectane’s SmartMUX, or are equipped with their own on-board multiplexer, can identify and characterize axial and circumferential flaws. Also, the internal rotating inspection system (IRIS) technique uses an ultrasonic beam to measure wall thickness. This Ectane option, combined with innovative probe turbine technology, can provide high sensitivity data that are critical to structural integrity assessments in heat exchangers.

Key features

  • Light, rugged, portable, and sealed
  • SmartMUX™: integrated, universal, and programmable ECA multiplexer for up to 256 channels
  • Multi-technology for tube inspections: ECT, RFT, NFT, MFL, and array equivalents, and IRIS ultrasound technology
  • Battery power and backup for 100% uptime
  • Plug-and-play connectivity - no more BootP!
  • Standard connectors
  • One-man operation via remote control
Power Requirements (Automatic Selection) 100 – 240 VAC 50 – 60 Hz
Power Configuration Direct VAC or battery (removable)
Battery Type Lithium-ion, rechargeable DOT compliant
Battery Life 8 hours (typical)
Cooling Fins, fanless
Computer Interface 100BaseT (fast Ethernet)
Probe Recognition (ProbeID™) Automatic probe recognition and setup technology (advanced array probes only)
Operating Temperature Range 32–113 °F (0–45 °C)
Relative humidity 95%, non-condensing
Compliance ASME, EN 61010-1, EMC, CE, WEEE, RoHS
Probe inputs (ECT) 8
Number of frequencies (ECT) 8
Frequency range (ECT) 5 Hz – 4 MHz
Generator / Coil driver (ECT) 2
Generator output / Coil drive (ECT) up to 20 V, peak-to-peak
Injection modes (ECT) multiplexed, simultaneous, continuous
Receiver gain (ECT) 35-dB range, 23–58 dB
Data resolution (ECT) 16 bits
Acquisition/sampling rate (ECT) up to 40,000 / sec.
Number of channels (ECA) 64, 128, or 256
Multiplexer (ECA) SmartMUX™: integrated, universal, and programmable
Connector (ECA) Single or double 160-pin array
Compatible with external multiplexer (ECA) Via 41-pin Extended ET connector
Probe inputs (RFT/NFT) 4
Number of frequencies (RFT/NFT) 5
Frequency range (RFT/NFT) 5 Hz – 100 kHz
Generator / Coil driver (RFT/NFT) 2
Generator output/Coil drive (RFT/NFT) 20 V, peak-to-peak
Receiver gain (RFT/NFT) 50-dB range, 36–86 dB
Acquisition / Sampling rate (RFT/NFT) up to 20,000 / sec.
Array support (RFT/NFT) Up to 64 channels
Probe inputs (MFL) 4
Receiver gain (MFL) 35-dB range, 18–53 dB
Array support (MFL) Up to 64 channels
Number of UT channels (IRIS) 1, pulse-echo
Internal pulser/receiver (IRIS) 0–300 V; 0–70 dB (1-dB steps)
Filters (IRIS) 4 user-selectable filters; 25 MHz system bandwidth
Transducer frequency (IRIS) 2–20 MHz
Digitizer (IRIS) 12 bits, 100 MHz
Maximum pulsing rate (IRIS) up to 30 kHz
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