GE XLG3 6mm/2m Videoscope


Good working condition XLG3 Videoscope from GE Inspections for sale. This unit is in good shape with minimal wear and comes with a 6-millimeter, 2-meter probe included. Also included is the factory original transport case, optional battery backup, and a side-view and forward-view tip w/case. The unit functions just as it should with good articulation and a bright, clear image. The buttons and controls work nicely, and the unit is very easy to use overall. Please see all of the high resolution images down below for a much closer look!

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GE XLG3 6mm/2m Videoscope
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Included with Sale
-GE XLG3 6mm/2m Unit
-Heavy Duty Transport Case
-AC Power Cable
-Forward and Side-View Tips
-Tip Case
-Backup Battery


The Everest XLG3™ VideoProbe® system is designed to meet exacting inspection needs across a range of industries. With its wide selection of optical tips, probe lengths, diameters and measurement capabilities, you can be sure that the Everest XLG3 system will handle your remote visual inspection needs efficiently and effectively every time.

Versatile Tool Drives Inspection Productivity

The Everest XLG3™ VideoProbe® system – today’s most revolutionary remote visual inspection (RVI) tool  –  provides significantly improved inspection capabilities to boost productivity in your operations. With a host of  advanced features, such as QuickChange™ probes that   quickly reconfigure probe diameter and length and  real-time communications for collaboration  during live inspections, the Everest XLG3  VideoProbe system delivers the versatility  you need for fast, efficient, and  accurate decision making.

The XLG3 VideoProbe system is the third generation of the XL VideoProbe family, built on 22 years of RVI knowledge and experience.

Versatile Features Streamline Inspection

With new, versatile features to speed the inspection process, the Everest XLG3 VideoProbe system dramatically reduces inspection and post-inspection time and increases productivity. Bright, sharp inspection images jump from the high-resolution screen for faster defect identi?cation and can be routed to remote of?ces for critical, time-sensitive evaluations and improved decision making on the spot. Create ?nal inspection reports on-board and immediately write to DVD to increase ef?ciency.

Maximize Performance


Timely and efficient inspections keep aircraft flying. Whether completing a turbine engine inspection, measuring a blade defect, capturing and storing images, or looking for wear, corrosion or cracks on an airframe, the Everest XLG3 system delivers sharp, clear images needed to quickly identify and measure defects to determine air-worthiness.

Interchangeable Probes The Everest XLG3 system features interchangeable QuickChange™ probes that quickly reconfigure to meet  aircraft maintenance manual requirements for probe  diameter and length.

Measurement or Remote Collaboration Use stereo or shadow measurement techniques on the XLG3 system or in a remote of?ce. With its ability to manage inspection data and capture, store and transmit images via Internet*, the Everest XLG3 system enables real-time communications between inspectors and remote team members.

Reduce Downtime

When plant equipment is idled for refractory lining inspection, in-service weld inspection, and ongoing maintenance,  timely inspection is vital to resume operations. The Everest XLG3 system streamlines inspection to get systems up and running quickly.

Setting up and searching for power drops and routing cords can take longer than the actual inspection. Report-writing back in the office can also consume hours each day. The Everest XLG3 system with optional battery power eliminates the need for worksite power. And with real-time DVD writing  and portable workstation features, reports can be generated during the inspection.

The Everest XLG3 system gets you up and working quickly and QuickChange™ probes allow you to change probe diameter and length in the field to meet varying inspection demands.

Go Portable

Whether climbing atop a combustion turbine, into a boiler penthouse or up to a wind turbine gearbox, power generation industry inspections are demanding and physically challenging, making equipment portability important. The Everest XLG3 system is designed to be carried to any inspection site and sit securely in tight spots.

Portability and Convenience Move freely – remove the unit from the case, carry it conveniently and use the system for up to two hours with the attachable battery/UPS. An integrated storage reel for the probe and a nested handle for the handset enhance the portability and safety of the Everest XLG3 system.

Twice the Light

Steam headers, feedwater heater shells and attemporators have large, dark spaces to navigate and inspect. The Everest XLG3 system delivers twice the light output as previous generation video borescopes to provide clear, bright images.

Boost Inspection Efficiency

The versatility of the Everest XLG3 video borescope makes it a valuable inspection tool for all facets of the automotive industry.
Pull a sparkplug and check a cylinder head using the Everest XLG3 system’s small, flexible probe. With interchangeable QuickChange™ probes you can quickly reconfigure probe diameter and length to fit a range of automotive applications. All-Way® probe articulation allows you to access and inspect hard-to-reach locations.

R&D labs can leverage the tool’s enhanced imagery and high-output lighting to generate clear, visual pictures of component fit in new auto designs. With improved lenses, digitalsignal processing and an extra-bright, high-resolution, VGA LCD screen, the Everest XLG3 system delivers bright, distinct inspection images for faster defect identification. And for inspection locations that lack power, the system runs up to two hours from an integrated battery pack and uninterruptible power supply.

General Features and Options:

-USB 2.0 Port
-CompactFlash Card Slot
-DVD/CD Drive (Not Included with Sale)
-Ethernet Port
-Remote Control with Joystick (Included with Sale)
-High-Resolution Wide VGA LCD Screen - Incredibly sharp and bright images
-Shipping, Storage, and Inspection Case - Protects XLG3 system from transport damage and doubles as an operations station 
-Intuitive and Easy to Use
-Backup Battery/UPS option (Included with Sale)
-12V D.C. Operation - for on-vehicle use

Probe Features:

-Titanium Camera Head - Head is 8 times stronger than previous generation video borescopes
-Laser Welded, Bending Neck Seam
-Double-Threaded Tips
-Double Tungsten Braid Insertion Tube
-All-Way articulation and High Out-Put Illumination - Sharp, clear images
-2x Light Output - Improves visibility in large areas
-Adaptable Probe Lengths - from 2 to 9.6 meters (6mm/2m Included with Sale)

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