Olympus Omniscan MX 32:128PR Ultrasonic Flaw Detector


This is a good condition Olympus Omniscan MX with a 32:128PR module installed.

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Olympus Omniscan MX 32:128PR Ultrasonic Flaw Detector
 Stock #171002A
This is a good condition Olympus Omniscan MX with a 32:128PR module installed. The 32:128PR module is in like new condition, with the connectors all in good, clean condition, and no signs of abnormal usage. The mainframe unit shows very little signs of use and completely operational. The Omniscan MX is the still one of the most sought after phased array units, as it still allows you to use the ECA module from Olympus. For everything listed, you would expect to pay over $64,000 for this equipment new. Here is the opportunity to get it in good condition, ready to use, for 60% off retail. The unit can be tested in our retail store in Pooler, GA, if you would like to examine the unit before you purchase.
Included with Sale
-Olympus Omniscan MX 32:128PR
Overall dimensions
(W x H x D)
244 mm x 182 mm x 57 mm
(9.6 in. x 7.1 in. x 2.1 in.)
Weight 1.2 kg (2.6 lb)
Connectors 1 OmniScan connector for phased-array probes
2 BNC connectors (1 pulser/receiver,
1 receiver for conventional UT) (BNC not available on models 32:32 and 32:128)
Number of focal laws 256
Probe recognition Automatic probe recognition and setup
Aperture 32 elements*
Number of elements 128 elements
Voltage 80 V per element
Pulse width Adjustable from 30 ns to 500 ns, resolution of 2.5 ns
Fall time Less than 10 ns
Pulse shape Negative square wave
Output impedance Less than 25 Ω
Gain 0 dB to 74 dB, maximum input signal 1.32 Vp-p
Input impedance 75 Ω
System bandwidth 0.75 MHz to 18 MHz (-3 dB)
Scan type Azimuthal and linear
Scan quantity Up to 8
Active elements 32
Elements 128
Delay range transmission 0 µs to 10 µs in 2.5-ns increments
Delay range reception 0 µs to 10 µs in 2.5-ns increments
Data acquisition
Digitizing frequency 100 MHz (10 bits)
Maximum pulsing rate Up to 10 kHz (C-scan)
Acquisition depth 29 meters in steel (L-wave), 10 ms with compression. 0.24 meter in steel (L-wave), 81.9 µs without compression
Data processing
Number of data points Up to 8000
Real-time averaging 2, 4, 8, 16
Rectifier RF, full wave, halfwave +, halfwave -
Filtering Low-pass (adjusted to probe frequency), digital filtering (bandwidth, frequency range)
Video filtering Smoothing (adjusted to probe frequency range)
Data storage
A-scan recording (TOFD) 6000 A-scans per second (512-point, 8-bit A-scan)
C-scan type data recording I, A, B, up to 10 kHz (amplitude or TOF)
Maximum file size Limited to available internal flash memory:
180 MB (or 300 MB optional)
Data visualization
A-scan refresh rate Real-time: 60 Hz
Volume-corrected S-scan Up to 40 Hz
Data synchronization
On internal clock 1 Hz to 10 kHz
On encoder On 1 or 2 axes
Programmable time-corrected gain (TCG)
Number of points 16 (1 TCG curve per channel for focal laws)
Number of alarms 3
Conditions Any logical combination of gates
Analog outputs 2



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