Oxford Instruments PMI Master Pro OES Spectrometer


Nice working condition PMI Master Pro from Oxford Instruments for sale. This unit is in good working order with just a few small signs of use around the exterior. The unit has a built in battery for field use, and comes with the fittings for an argon tank. This spark instrument works very well and functions normally, and has wheels to make transport easier. Please see our high resolution images below for a closer look!


Oxford Instruments PMI Master Pro
Stock #210430B

Included with Sale
-PMI Master Pro Unit
-Battery Backup
-Fittings for Ar Tank
-Power Cable
-Wheeled Chassis

Maximize your cost savings and production efficiency by using rugged mobile OES analysis. PMI-MASTER PRO is a robust, mobile optical emission spectrometer for the precise analysis of key elements, rapid material verification, PMI and sorting of different metals. It is optimized for mobile, cordless operation and is ideally suited for demanding industrial applications.

Key Features:

• Precise analysis and material identification including carbon, phosphorus, sulphur, boron and tin determinations
• Fast off-site, on-site and laboratory testing 
• Perfect mobility with long-life battery power and trolley for ergonomic use
• Immediately ready for action with no warm-up phase
• Easy to use, even for untrained operators
• Lightweight ergonomic sample probe with 4 m flexible probe cable
• Quick, simple touch-screen operation
• Our unique Jet-Stream Technology ensures accurate analysis on samples of all sizes and shapes
• Windows®-based software controlled via a rugged, dust-proof TFT touch-screen, even under the harshest conditions
• Extensive and customizable grade library
• Low maintenance costs

Easy and fast testing

Measurements are performed using an easy-to-handle probe 
– simply hold the probe to the sample, push the trigger and read the result. The alloy grade and the full chemical composition appear within a few seconds on the integrated touchscreen display. Depending on the application, different operation modes offer complete analysis, grade identification or sorting of metals. When performing tests, the instrument identifies the metal grade automatically and if applicable indicates where the limits are exceeded.

The straightforward Windows® user interface also allows you to:

• Store results on an internal analysis database
• Export results to an external workstation via Ethernet or USB link
• Print user customized certificates
• Create or import a grade library with your grade specifications

Carbon, phosphorus, sulphur, boron and tin analysis using UV-Pro probe

The optional UV-Pro mini optic probe makes it possible to analyze typical ‘vacuum elements’ such as C, P, S, B, Sn etc. at ppm level. Optional sulphur and phosphorus measurement adds value to the careful separation of steel alloys. Switching from one probe to another is quick and easy.

Easy mobility ensures production line, off-site or lab analysis at different factory locations

The PMI-MASTER PRO’s innovative design enables almost unlimited access and reliable analysis in areas where mobility and flexibility are essential, e.g. where the material is already assembled or where industrial installations must be assessed.

Thanks to our unique Jet-Stream Technology, the probe can analyze most complex shapes with irregular sample geometries. Even wire as thin as 1 mm can be accurately measured using a single universal adapter. Analysis of pipes, rods, valves, welding seams and joints, storage tanks, turbines, concave or convex surfaces all become straightforward with the PMI-MASTER PRO. 

The optical system is fully and automatically re-adjusted without any interaction by the operator. As this process is constantly performed in the background during normal operation, it is not necessary to acclimatize the instrument. When switched on, the PMI-MASTER PRO is immediately ready for action with no warm-up phase.

Cordless use – independent from the mains supply

The PMI-MASTER PRO’s innovative power electronics allow the use of a battery with an integrated rechargeable 24 V power pack, which ensures eight hours of remote operation with 800 burns. Three different power supplies are available:

• A cart with integrated battery
• A small battery module – approx. 2 h of portable use
• A main power module without any battery for benchtop operation

Reliable, repeatable, flexible analysis for all segments of the metals industry for inspections, quality control systems and safety procedures: 

• Metallurgical manufacturing
• Oil refineries
• Petrochemical and chemical
• Aviation
• Military
• Power plants
• Scrap sorting

Typical Applications

• Fe alloy
• L grade segregation in stainless steel
• P and S analysis in steel
• Al alloy ~ Al-Si ~ Al-Si-Cu
• Cu-Sn ~ Cu-Zn ~ Cu-Ni
• Mg, Cu, Co, Ti, Pb, Sn, Zn alloys…

The PMI-MASTER PRO uses the latest optical technology without compromise in element selection, concentration range, or the base metal to be checked. This is due to the use of CCD detectors, which cover the whole spectral range between 170(*) and 420 nm. Regardless of whether you are determining C, Cr, Ni, Mn in steel or Si in Al – all elements can be analyzed in all metals.

The readout system of the high-resolution Multi-CCD optics with 30,000 channels uses highly advanced electronics and software algorithms for perfect signal processing. Tests can be performed on all standard material grades and chemical elements.

Our measuring probes use HPC fiber optic cable. This special high-transmission quartz fiber is not prone to decay (blindness) caused by the effects of solarization and is therefore unique in its stability and durability. This unique feature enables precise measurement of the minutest traces of carbon (such as in low-carbon 1.4404/1.4306 stainless steel) using the standard probe of the PMI-MASTER PRO. 

To ensure maximum uptime and field reliability, the design of the PMI-MASTER PRO requires low maintenance and offers excellent serviceability. For example, the probe is simply plugged in the main cabinet and can easily be replaced in case of damage.

(*) with optional UV-Pro probe

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