Eddy Current Equipment

Eddy Current Equipment

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  • $34,999.99

    Fully Loaded Olympus MS5800 Eddy Current Tube...

    Good working condition MS-5800 MultiScan from Olympus for sale. This unit is in good working order, with just a few small signs of use around the exterior. The unit functions perfectly, and comes with all of the available hardware and software options, including IRIS, RFT, MFL, ECT and more. Please check out the high resolution images for a closer look!
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  • $2,499.99

    Olympus Staveley Rotary Scanner Probe Kit for...

    Great working condition bolt hole probe kit by Olympus for sale. The twenty probes function well and come in a handy carrying case. This listing is just for the probes. Np Minimite, Spitfire, Nortec or other units or accessories are included with this sale. See our other listings for other kits/combos, we have many available! Please check out the photos for a closer look!
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  • $5,999.99

    Olympus Bondmaster Bond Testing Probe Kit

    Perfect condition Bondmaster probe kit from Olympus for sale. This kit has no use and comes in a sturdy transport case for ease of use and convenience. This probe kit fits inside the large Bondmaster transport case and the probes function perfectly. No Bondmaster included with the sale, please see our other listings for the Bondmaster itself, or other kits included accessories. Check out our high resolution images for a closer look!
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  • $1,999.99

    Olympus Minimite Rotary Scanner – Scanner Only

    Great working condition Minimite by Olympus for sale. We have several of these units in identical condition. They all function perfectly, and are available as separate purchases (this listing), or as a complete kit with the probes and cable (please see our other listing - no accessories included with this sale!). Please check out the high resolution images for a closer look!
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  • $8,999.99

    Olympus Nortec 600D Eddy Current Flaw Detector

    Great working condition Nortec 600D from Olympus for sale. This hard to find unit is in fantastic shape, with no major scratches on the bright, easy to read display, and perfectly functioning buttons and scroll wheel. The unit as a whole works flawlessly and comes with an official Olympus hard case for easy transport of the unit and any accessories you may have with it. Probes and cables are available upon request, as we have many Eddy Current accessories for sale also. Feel free to ask us what's available upon checkout!
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  • $9,999.99

    Zetec MIZ-27 SI Eddy Current Flaw Detector

    Very good working condition MIZ 27 SI from Zetec for sale. This unit is in very good working order and shows very little signs of use. The entire large kit comes in a protective transport case to make travel easier and neater for the MIZ unit, as well as all of the accessories. The unit functions very well, and comes with a keyboard, proprietary storage drive, and all of the cables and power cords needed. Please check out the high resolution images for a closer look and full inventory!
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