Eddy Current Equipment

Eddy Current Equipment

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    Innerspec Powerbox H Portable High Power EMAT...

    Very good working condition Innerspec Powerbox H kit for sale. This unit is in fantastic shape with very little signs of use, no scratches on the screen, and buttons that are tactile and easy to use. The unit is smooth to operate and functions flawlessly. Please see all of the high resolution images below for a much closer look!
    Innerspec POWERBOX H is the only hand-held, battery operated instrument capable of generating up to 1200V or 8kW of peak power at speeds of up to 300Hz. For pulse-echo operation, a built-in transmitter/receiver switch permits connecting directly to the instrument with no additional hardware. A built-in thermocouple port permits taking temperature readings to correct time-of-flight measurements, and a one-axis encoder input can be used for integration with an automated or manual scanner. A setting of 600Vpp (approx. 3kW) is also available to maximize battery life if the application does not require full power. Embedded POWERUT H software permits the user to modify the triggering and receiving patterns, use advanced filters to enhance signal-to-noise and present the information on A, B, C and Line Scan formats. Screen captures, device settings, and data can be downloaded to a PC using additional software provided with the instrument. Innerspec POWERBOX H can be used with any sensor from Innerspec’s Standard Catalog and sensors from other manufacturers.
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    Olympus Nortec 600D Eddy Current Instrument

    Fantastic condition Nortec 600D model from Olympus for sale. This is the high-end 'D' unit and is in immaculate condition with no scratches or signs of use. The display is scratch free, as well as being very bright and crisp. All of the buttons work very well and the scroll wheel feels very responsive. The unit overall functions perfectly. Please see all of the high resolution images below for a much closer look!
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  • Uniwest US-454 Multi-Frequency Eddy Current Instrument

    Superb condition US-454A Eddy Current Tester from Uniwest for sale. This unit is in pristine condition with no scratches or dings around the screen or exterior. The buttons all work very well and the scroll wheel functions smoothly. The display is bright and crisp and the ports and connectors are immaculate. The unit functions perfectly and comes with the original hard transport case for easy transportation. Please see all of the high resolution images down below for a much closer look!
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    Eddyfi Lyft Pulsed Eddy Current System PEC

    Terrific condition Eddyfi Lyft System for sale. This unit is in fantastic shape with very little signs of use on the body and display. The factory screen protector is installed and the screen is immaculate underneath. The rubber and metal body has no scratches or damage and looks great. The buttons work perfectly and the unit functions just as it did out of the box. This unit does require its yearly 20k calibration/license from Eddyfi before use. Please check out the high resolution images at the bottom of this listing for a much closer look!
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    Olympus Omniscan MX with 16:64M Phased Array...

    With hundreds of units used throughout the world, the R/D Tech OmniScan MX is Olympus NDT’s most successful modular and portable phased array and eddy current array test unit. The OmniScan family includes the innovative phased array and eddy current array test units, as well as the eddy current and conventional ultrasound modules, all designed to meet the most demanding requirements of NDT. The OmniScan MX offers a high acquisition rate and powerful software features in a portable, modular mainframe to efficiently perform manual and automated inspections.
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    Hocking Phasec 2200 Eddy Current Flaw Detector

    The innovative design of the Phasec 2200 puts a high technology Eddy Current instrument inside an ultralight, splashproof case that has the ruggedness to perform reliably in the harshest environments. It has the benefit of a large Electroluminescent display to reduce eyestrain, comprehensive battery management, extensive context-sensitive help screens and advanced user functions. The Phasec 2200 includes all the functions needed to enable you to achieve accurate, reliable and repeatable test results. It minimises operator fatigue by being both the lightest available unit of its kind, and by automating many repetitive operations.
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