Thermal Cameras & Other Imaging

Thermal Cameras & Other Imaging

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  • $6,999.99

    FLIR Teledyne A500 Fixed Mount Static Screening...

    Very good working condition FLIR A500 for sale. This unit is immaculate with no scratches on the lens or body, and a pristine bracket and mounting system for a wall or ceiling. The camera was only used as a demo and never mounted in the field. The unit comes with a case, PoE (Power over Ethernet) injector, as well as ethernet cables and adapter to power the cam. Laptop and software do not come with purchase, but can be added to your order for a complete turnkey setup. Please ask us for more details and check out the high-resolution images for a closer look!
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  • $3,999.99

    FLIR T420 High-Performance Thermal Camera

    Fantastic condition T420 Thermal Imaging Camera kit from FLIR Teledyne for sale. This unit is in great overall condition. It has a mostly scratch-free screen and crystal clear lens, and the exterior shows only minimal normal signs of use. The unit functions perfectly, and comes inside a protective transport case with the camera, batteries, charger and other accessories, and can also be hooked up to a PC for monitoring remotely. Please check out the high-resolution images for a closer look.
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  • $17,999.99

    FLIR T840 High-Performance Thermal Camera

    Pristine working condition T840 Thermal Imaging Camera from FLIR for sale. This fresh unit is free of scratches, blemishes and field use. The unit has been demoed only, and the accessories all come in the original packaging with little to no usage on them. The whole kit comes in a high-quality hard case, lined with precise foam to keep everything secure and safe while traveling. The kit as a whole functions perfectly, and comes with two lenses, 2 batteries, the charging dock, shoulder strap, and other various accessories (see photos). Please check out the high-resolution images for a closer look!
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