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Remote Visual Equipment

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    Eddyfi Technologies Inuktun Versatrax 100 Pipe Inspection...

    Excellent working condition Eddyfi Technologies Inuktun Versatrax 100, ICON Controller and Mini-Reel for sale. This kit is in like-new condition with no heavy use. The unit was a demo and functions perfectly. The ICON controller with Xbox control pad work together to create a smooth pipeline experience. The ultra-bright LED lamps on the Versatrax unit will illuminate the darkest of places and the encoded Mini-Reel gives an accurate distance measurement for your inspection. Please check out the many high resolution images for a much closer look at this complete kit!
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    Olympus IPLEX NX 6-millimeter, 3.5-meter HD Videoscope

    Fantastic condition IPLEX NX by Olympus for sale. This like-new condition NX borescope is a 6-millimeter, 3.5-meter version, with very good articulation and responsive control. The big, bright HD display makes inspections very detailed, and the Olympus software is easy to operate. This unit shows very little signs of use with no scratches on the display and no kinks or bends in the insertion tube. This unit functions perfectly. Please check out all of the high resolution images below for a much closer look!
    The IPLEX NX videoscope combines our highest-quality images with an intuitive user interface, ergonomic design, and durability for efficient inspection in nearly any environment.
    Its clear, bright images and powerful measurement features are built to exceed expectations.
    Measure with Confidence Using 3D Modeling 
    Choosing the right measurement point is now even easier.
    3D modeling enables you to see the details of what you’re inspecting from multiple angles, making it easier to specify the exact location of your measurement points.
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    Faro Freestyle 3D Handheld Laser Scanner w/Microsoft...

    Pristine condition Faro Freestyle 3D Laser Scanner kit for sale. This unit comes with a Microsoft Surface Pro laptop for seamless integration with the Freestyle 3D scanner. The unit has no damage, shows very little signs of use, and works perfectly as a whole. This is your chance to get one of the highest-rated 3D Scanners on the market! With the new powerful Laser Scanner Freestyle3D Objects FARO expands the successful product concept of its construction BIM/CIM Freestyle3DScanner Series to the growing and fast moving product design and public safety forensics markets. Featuring a midrange measurement volume, the Freestyle3D Objects is easier to use than narrow field of view scanners that have high detail but are difficult to handle as the tracking is easily lost, yet provides more detail and precision than large volume hand held scanners.
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    Olympus IPLEX FX 6-millimeter, 7.5-meter Videoscope

    Very nice working condition IPLEX FX from Olympus for sale. This unit has an ultra long 7.5-meter, 6-millimeter insertion tube module that works very well. The articulation is very crisp and responsive and the joystick and buttons on the handheld remote function very well. The image is crystal clear on the display and there are no scratches or dings on the front of the screen. The unit overall functions perfectly. Please see all of our high resolution images below for a much closer look! A high-end industrial videoscope system combining portability with advanced functionality, and ease of use with durability. From high image quality inspection to retrieval operation, the versatility achieves various benefits beyond your experience.
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    GE XLVu 4-millimeter, 3-meter Videoscope

    Almost new condition XLVu videoscope for sale. This unit has stereo measurement and looks amazing. The body and display are scratch free and the unit shows very minimal signs of use. The articulation is very responsive and the buttons on the unit work well. The unit as a whole functions perfectly. The XL Vu VideoProbe™ system is a versatile video borescope that combines portability, durability with high quality imaging technology and measurement to help you make smart decisions fast. Designed with general inspection applications in mind, the XL Vu delivers superior resolution over conventional fiberscopes.
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    GE Inspection Technologies XLGo 8-millimeter, 3-meter Videoscope

    Very good working condition XLGO videoscope from GE Inspection Technologies for sale. This unit has a 8-millimeter, 3-meter insertion tube that works perfectly. The probe has no kinks or bends and articulates very widely and responsively, the joystick and buttons are very easy to use and the display is bright and scratch-free. The unit as a whole functions flawlessly. Please check out all of the high resolution images below for a much closer look!
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