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    Oxford Instruments PMI Master Pro OES Spectrometer

    Nice working condition PMI Master Pro from Oxford Instruments for sale. This unit is in good working order with just a few small signs of use around the exterior. The unit has a built in battery for field use, and comes with the fittings for an argon tank. This spark instrument works very well and functions normally, and has wheels to make transport easier. Please see our high resolution images below for a closer look!
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    SciAps z200C+ Handheld LIBS Analyzer – Material/Element...

    Great working condition SciAps Z200c+ LIBS Analyzer. This handheld laser spectroscopy unit is very quick and accurate when reading materials, and consistent throughout its' use. The unit is in great shape, with very little signs of use around the exterior. The trigger works perfectly, and the ports and connectors are all clean and free of dust or debris. The Z200c+ unit functions flawlessly. Please see the high resolution images below for a closer look! LIBS operates by using a pulsed, focused laser that is fired at a sample with sufficient pulse energy as to create a plasma around the area struck. Bound atomic electrons are striped from the atoms comprising the material. As the plasma cools, atoms recombine with electrons and in the process emit light in the UV, optical and IR regimes. LIBS has been used for more than 30 years as a laboratory technique, capable of analyzing any element in the periodic table. Recently, the technique has been miniaturized into a handheld device (HH LIBS) capable of analyzer any element, depending on the spectrometer range chosen for the device.  
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