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  • $2,999.99

    AUT Solutions LineScan Single Axis Scanner

    Excellent working condition LineScan from AUT Solutions. This unit is an effective single-axis scanner that functions perfectly. The unit is clean on the exterior, and any moving parts are all in flawless condition. Please check out the high resolution images below for a closer look!
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  • $8,999.99

    R/D Tech Olympus MPP-04 Probe Pusher System...

    Very nice working condition Probe Pusher system from R/D Tech for sale. This MPP04 system shows just a few minor signs of wear around the exterior, but functions beautifully. The mechanical moving parts are fluid and mesh together nicely, and the tubes and connections are clean and free of gunk or grime. The unit as a whole functions normally. Please check out the high resolution images for a closer look!
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  • $10,999.00

    Olympus IPLEX LT 4mm/3.5m Videoscope – 4-millimeter,...

    Very nice condition Olympus IPLEX LT for sale. This unit has a versatile 4-millimeter insertion tube diameter, with a 3.5-meter length. This unit shows very little signs of use; no major scratches, no damage or dings, and the insertion tube has no kinks or bends, and articulates nicely. Image quality comes through very well, and is bright and crisp on the display. The hand control unit is not worn, and the buttons are nice and tactile. The unit overall functions perfectly. Please see all of the high resolution images below for a much closer look! Equipped with a removable Li-ion battery, the IPLEX LX and LT are ready for use wherever the inspection takes place. Whether the operator is crawling in confined spaces or working stationary in an aircraft hangar, the IPLEX LX and LT keep the size small without sacrificing features or functionality. The IPLEX LX and LT feature a compact and lightweight design, and even the model with 10m-long scope weighs just 3.9 kg, including the integrated Li-ion battery. They can be worn or carried with ease and set up almost instantly. The complete system, including all accessories and carrying case, is easily transported to job sites and small enough to fit in the overhead compartment of most aircraft.
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    Scanmaster UT/Mate SpotWeld Inspector System

    Like-new condition UT/Mate SpotWeld Inspector from Scanmaster for sale. This unit shows no signs of use and works wonderfully. This portable spotweld inspection kit will get your inspections done quickly and efficiently, working seamlessly with your PC, laptop or MS Windows tablet. The unit functions normally, the buttons on the remote all work well, and the ports and connectors on the module are clean and free of dirt, damage, or debris. The unit also includes the cables and connectors necessary for PC connectivity so you can get up and running as quickly as possible! Please see all of the high resolution images for a much closer look at this fantastically valued kit! The UT/Mate is flexible, powerful UT hardware that can be connected to a PC, laptop or MS Windows tablet. Integration with the ScanMaster SpotWeld application creates a complete SpotWeld UT instrument.
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  • $4,999.00

    GE Inspections Pegasus CR50XP Radiography Scanner

    Great condition CR50XP Radiography Scanner from GE Inspection Technologies. This instrument is in great shape with very little signs of use. Please see all of the high resolution images down below for a much closer look! CR 50XP is a highly portable and lightweight computed radiography scanner that is compact enough to be used for on-site inspections at remote locations. Its ability to scan different imaging plate formats and its 50μm scan capability make it the ideal scanner for field applications requiring both a high throughput and high resolution.
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