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  • $8,999.99

    Olympus Nortec 600D Eddy Current Flaw Detector

    Great working condition Nortec 600D from Olympus for sale. This hard to find unit is in fantastic shape, with no major scratches on the bright, easy to read display, and perfectly functioning buttons and scroll wheel. The unit as a whole works flawlessly and comes with an official Olympus hard case for easy transport of the unit and any accessories you may have with it. Probes and cables are available upon request, as we have many Eddy Current accessories for sale also. Feel free to ask us what's available upon checkout!
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  • $13,999.99

    Olympus Delta Professional DPO-4000 Handheld XRF Analyzer

    Stunning condition Delta Professional for sale by Olympus. This DPO-4000 unit is in fantastic condition with very low hours (less than 80!), and comes loaded with Alloy, Soil and Empirical modes. The exterior shows very little, if any signs of use, and the internals function perfectly. The unit comes with the Delta calibration/charging stand, spare prolene windows and 2 batteries, put together in a protective transport case for ease of use and portability. Please check out our high resolution images for a closer look!
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  • $14,999.99

    Olympus IPLEX LX 4mm/3.5m STEREO Videoscope w/TIPS

    Fantastic condition IPLEX LX from Olympus for sale. This 4-millimeter, 3.5-meter unit is in great shape, with no scratches on the display, a very clean exterior, and very lightly used internals. The articulation feels very tactile and responsive, and the image quality and brightness are stellar. The unit comes in a handy protective carrying case for easy transport, and comes with an assortment of various tips. Please check out our high resolution images for a closer look!
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    Proceq Equotip 3 Portable Hardness Tester Kit

    Good working condition Proceq Equotip 3 for sale. This unit comes complete with a transport case, calibration standard, probe and couplant for immediate testing. The included battery and charger is in great condition and lasts for quite a while, and the unit overall functions accurately. There are a few small signs of wear on the keyboard and display, but the exterior is in overall good condition. Please check out the high-resolution images for a closer look!
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  • $4,999.99

    Fischer Technologies Feritscope FMP30 with Probe

    Very good, working condition Feritscope FMP-30 for sale from Fischer Technologies. This unit is in great shape with very few signs of use. There are a couple of small scuffs around the exterior, but otherwise it's a very clean, lightly used instrument. The unit functions perfectly and comes with the calibration standards and probe inside a handy protective transport case to get you started immediately wherever you are. Check out the high resolution images for a closer look!
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  • $3,999.99

    Sonatest Masterscan 350M Ultrasonic Flaw Detector

    Good working condition Sonatest 350M for sale. This unit is in the Masterscan series of flaw detectors and comes with the battery and charger in a transport case. The exterior shows signs of use, such as the display being lightly scuffed across the screen, and some dirt and scrapes here and there. Overall, the unit functions very well and is reliable. Please check out the high resolution images for a closer look!
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