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    Olympus IPLEX NX 6-millimeter, 3.5-meter HD Videoscope

    Fantastic condition IPLEX NX by Olympus for sale. This like-new condition NX borescope is a 6-millimeter, 3.5-meter version, with very good articulation and responsive control. The big, bright HD display makes inspections very detailed, and the Olympus software is easy to operate. This unit shows very little signs of use with no scratches on the display and no kinks or bends in the insertion tube. This unit functions perfectly. Please check out all of the high resolution images below for a much closer look!
    The IPLEX NX videoscope combines our highest-quality images with an intuitive user interface, ergonomic design, and durability for efficient inspection in nearly any environment.
    Its clear, bright images and powerful measurement features are built to exceed expectations.
    Measure with Confidence Using 3D Modeling 
    Choosing the right measurement point is now even easier.
    3D modeling enables you to see the details of what you’re inspecting from multiple angles, making it easier to specify the exact location of your measurement points.
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    GE XLGo 4mm/2m Videoscope – 4-millimeter, 2-meter...

    Good working condition XLGo Videoscope from GE for sale. This unit is in good physical shape with just a few scratches here and there. The screen is relatively scratch free, with one or two small blemishes that are hard to notice while operating the instrument. The display is bright and easy to read, and the joystick and buttons all work very well. The unit has fantastic articulation and functions normally. Please see the high resolution images below for a closer look! Now combining portability with performance, the XL Go delivers sharp, clear digital images on a system designed to meet inspection needs across a wide range of industry applications.
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    Olympus Series C 6mm/2m Videoscope / 6-millimeter,...

    One (1) fantastic condition Olympus Series C Videoscope for sale. These units are in identical shape, showing no scratches or damage, and very light use. The insertion tubes are 6-millimeter, 2-meter scopes, and they articulate very well and are very responsive. The joystick is nicely tactile, making articulation very easy to use, and the image quality is superb. The units function perfectly. Please see the images below for a closer look at these very nice units! The Series C is an entry-level industrial videoscope from Olympus, which is designed with superior durability, articulation, and optics to obtain high-resolution images. The Series C can be used wherever it is required and has numerous features generally found in high-end instruments.
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