Olympus Series C 6mm/2m Videoscope / 6-millimeter, 2-meter RVI


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One (1) fantastic condition Olympus Series C Videoscope for sale. These units are in identical shape, showing no scratches or damage, and very light use. The insertion tubes are 6-millimeter, 2-meter scopes, and they articulate very well and are very responsive. The joystick is nicely tactile, making articulation very easy to use, and the image quality is superb. The units function perfectly. Please see the images below for a closer look at these very nice units!

The Series C is an entry-level industrial videoscope from Olympus, which is designed with superior durability, articulation, and optics to obtain high-resolution images. The Series C can be used wherever it is required and has numerous features generally found in high-end instruments.

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Olympus Series C 6mm/2m Videoscope
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Included with Sale
-Olympus Series C 6mm/2m Unit
-Zip-up Transport Case
-Lithium Ion Battery Pack

The Series C is an entry-level industrial videoscope from Olympus, which is designed with superior durability, articulation, and optics to obtain high-resolution images. The Series C can be used wherever it is required and has numerous features generally found in high-end instruments.

The key benefits of the Series C are as follows:

    -The Series C provides high workload as it is easy to use with a durable construction coupled with portability, therefore assuring the highest throughput of work. It is possible to handle remote inspections for 120 minutes in lithium-ion battery operated mode without interruption.
    -The Series C requires a low initial investment for a product that ensures reliable quality, durability and warranty.
    -Olympus offers global customer support network.

The key features of the Series C are as follows:

    -Provides quick and easy inspection of difficult-to-reach areas.
    -It is lightweight and portable with ergonomic design that enables it to fit in the palm of both the right and left hand. Additionally a shoulder strap is provided to maximize convenience.
    -Can be charged on-board between projects thereby allowing the Series C to be readily deployed for subsequent inspection.
    -Compact carrying case for holding everything required for an inspection project. The hard case keeps the instrument safe from damage while being transported to and from the inspection site.
    -Thumb-driven joy stick is capable of full articulation control and up to 120° angulation of the distal end. When coupled with Olympus’ proprietary spring neck, the insertion tube can easily navigate tight spaces, around obstacles and bends to position the camera perfectly on the target.
    -It is possible to inspect defects such as burrs and cracks within parts or areas that do not have direct visual access.
    -Intuitive user interface that can be handled by both experts and first-time users for inspecting objects.
    -Intuitive touch screen requires just a single tap to gain instant access to many features in the icon-driven menu to perform inspection.
    -Languages include - English, French, Italian, Spanish, German, Polish, Portuguese, Korean, Russian, simplified and traditional Chinese and Japanese.
    -The white LED light’s purity combined with Olympus’ excellent optics assures that the most natural color and image is captured and transmitted to the 3in. VGA monitor.
    -Can capture an image with desired brightness by combining eight brightness settings, high intensity LED, glare reduction, and light sensitive CCD camera chip technologies.
    -The image can be projected onto a big screen from the Series C HDMI video output port. The HDMI cable can be utilized to transfer the image to a wide screen for display.
    -It is possible to store images in JPEG format or MPEG-4 video files in a SDHC card. The Series C supported a 4 - 32GB SDHC card, which is class 6 or above. Recording available per 1GB: about 6,500 images or about 55min video.
    -Sturdy instrument with extended product life. It has an abrasion-resistant insertion tube with a tungsten outer braid. The proprietary spring neck design of the distal end helps to decrease stress when navigating through tight bends. The hood on the distal end is replaceable when worn out. As a result more inspections can be performed with minimum downtime.
    -The insertion tube has four layers to provide extended durability. The protective cap on the distal end is replaceable when worn out.


    -The key applications of the Series C are as follows:
    -In the automotive sector, the abrasion-resistant insertion tube is ideal for checking cast engine components and car components during the manufacturing process. It can also be used for routine maintenance inspections.
    -In manufacturing, the instrument is designed to handle any manufacturing process.
    -In power generation, the battery-operated Series C can be moved around easily for performing quick checks of pipes and valves during routine maintenance inspections.
    -Ideal for property checks at borders for security and customs inspections.
    -In aviation for recording high-quality images to its SDHC card, which is ideal for checking the air frame or other components in an airplane.
    -Plant maintenance - The water-proof layer in the insertion tube prevents oil from affecting performance of the videoscope, thereby allowing the instrument to be used to inspect oil pumps and working valves. As the instrument is portable, it can be moved around the plant to perform spot checks to ensure everything is working at maximum efficiency.

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