Anritsu Sitemaster S331E Cable & Antenna Analyzer


Good working condition Anritsu Sitemaster S331E for sale. This unit is in good working order, showing just a few minor scrapes and scuffs here and there. The unit’s screen shows a few marks around it, but the buttons all work properly, as does the scroll wheel. The kit as a whole functions nicely. Please check out the high-resolution images for a closer look!

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Anritsu Sitemaster S331E Cable & Antenna Analyzer
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Included with Sale
-Sitemaster S331E Unit
-Hard Padded Transport Case
-Lithium Ion Battery
-Charger and AC Cable

About the Unit:

2 MHz to 4 GHz, less than 6 pounds, with resistive 8.4-inch daylight touchscreen, supporting wireless service providers, contractors, and installers.

To keep up in today's rapidly evolving wireless communications market, you need tools that enable you to efficiently maintain legacy networks in addition to the new 3G and 4G networks now being installed. And with rate of market expansion, you're being required to service more base stations than ever before. This means completing sweeps quickly, performing calibrations instantly, and implementing fast trace naming while in the field.

The S331E Site Master does all this while delivering the ease of use, rich functionality, and best-in-class price/performance you've come to expect from Anritsu. Designed to handle the most punishing field conditions, the S331E Site Master Cable and Antenna Analyzer dramatically enhances your productivity and transforms the traditional fix-after-failure maintenance model to one that identifies and fixes problems before major failures occur.

The CPRI/OBSAI RF option allows users to see the Uplink and Downlink signals via the optical CPRI/OBSAI link in a traditional RF Spectrum and Spectrogram view. 

Compatible with the Smart Aligner Android application for the generation of site close out reports including antenna alignment results from Multiwave tools and line sweep results.


• Cable & Antenna Installation and Maintenance for wireless service providers, contractors, military, aerospace and defense, and public safety applications
• Insertion Loss
• 2-port measurements of Tower Mounted Amplifiers, duplexers, diplexers, filters
• Phase Matching Cables
• Antenna Tuning
• CPRI RF Measurements
• OBSAI RF measurments

Built on a trusted history of quality, expertise, and performance, the Site Master S331E/S332E/S361E/S362E is the leading compact cable and antenna analyzer with spectrum analyzer and 2-port options that provides coverage from 2 MHz to 4/6 GHz. This portable and rugged solution has a variety of configuration options that make it the preferred solution by contractors, installers, and wireless service providers. Because of the Site Master series multi-functional capabilities and options, it eliminates the need for you to carry and learn multiple instruments.

• Cable and Antenna Analyzer – with a faster than 1 ms/data point sweep speed and dual display, quickly characterize cable, and antenna systems with return loss, cable loss, VSWR, and distance-to-fault (DTF) measurements 
• Spectrum Analyzer – covering a 9 kHz to 4/6 GHz frequency range, this option will help locate and identify various signals as low as -152 dBm with phase noise better than -100 dBc/Hz 
• Interference Hunting – identify interference from both illegal and unintentional signals that can degrade network performance and cause critical communications to be interrupted 
• Passive Intermodulation (PIM) Testing – operating with a PIM HunterTM probe allows a test technician to pinpoint the location of external PIM beyond the antenna 
• Indoor/Outdoor Coverage Mapping – coupled with the NEON® MA8100A signal mapper, collect geo-referenced test data for RSSI and ACPR measurements

Reliable Cable & Antenna Analysis - Anywhere, Anytime

The majority of the problems you find at a typical cell site are caused by problematic or pinched cables, corroded connectors, antennas, lightning strikes, rain getting into cables, and bullet holes. Degraded cable systems and badly positioned antennas affect overall system coverage and eventually result in dropped calls. The Site Master series FDR-based return loss and DTF measurements can pinpoint an antenna problem from ground level in a few seconds, enabling the identification of small problems before they become big problems.

• Built-in, editable signal standard and cable standard lists
• Calibration: OSL Cal, FlexCal, InstaCal
• 137, 275, 551, 1102, 2204 data points 
• < 1 msec per datapoint sweep speed
• Trace overlay and trace math to monitor changes with reference traces
• Marker table with automatic peak/valley markers
• GPS tagging of data to verify location of test
• Limit lines and alarming for providing reference standards
• Line Sweep ToolsTM (LST) and Master Software Tools (MST)  for post-analysis and report generation
• Compatible with Smart Aligner Android application for combined  antenna alignment and line sweep closeout reports

Return Loss / VSWR
Make return loss and VSWR measurements, and verify that the cable and antenna system conforms to performance specifications.

Cable Loss
Cable loss metrics measure the level of insertion loss within the cable feedline system. This measurement can be verified prior to deployment when you have access to both ends. The Site Master series automatically calculates the average cable loss.

Distance-To-Fault (DTF)
While the return loss metric is the best measurement to verify the health of a system, DTF is used to troubleshoot systems and locate the problem.

The Site Master series DTF measurement uses the fast Fourier transform to convert frequency data to the time domain and displays signal anomalies with respect to distance. Using the standard trace math feature, you can monitor small relative changes over time.

2-port Transmission Measurements (Option 21)
Cellular/PCS and 3G base stations today use diplexers, duplexers, and tower mounted amplifiers to extend the coverage area. The Site Master series 2-port transmission measurement enables you to make gain, isolation, and insertion loss measurements as well as verify sector-to-sector isolation.

Bias Tee (Option 10) — requires Option 21 for S331E/S361E
The built-in bias tee can be turned on as needed to place 12 to 32V on the center conductor of the RF in port, eliminating the need for you to carry external supplies in the field.

Enhance Productivity with Dual Displays and Instant Calibration

Dual Display
The dual display enables users to view two cable and antenna measurements on the same display. Because you can control the top and bottom displays independently, you can set markers and limit lines on each one. This results in significant time savings as there’s no need to make two measurements. 

Quick Name Matrix
The integrated Quick Name Matrix and keyboard enables you to preset up to 42 commonly used names. This allows you to save long file names with cell site ID, sector information, color coding, measurement type, frequency, and termination in less than five seconds. Now you can label the traces of the entire site in minutes instead of hours.
InstaCal™ Calibration

Although you need to get the job done as quickly as possible, you still need to make reliable and accurate measurements. Anritsu’s InstaCal module enables you to make accurate calibrations at the end of the phase stable cable without connecting a short/open/load. This calibration method can cut the calibration time by as much as 50 percent and still deliver accurate results. 

Standard OSL Calibration 
Open-Short-Load (OSL) calibration comes standard with the Site Master series. All errors from source match, directivity, and frequency response are mathematically removed, allowing you to make accurate vector-corrected measurements. Directivity is usually the main contributor to measurement uncertainty, and corrected directivity of 42 dB or better is common using Anritsu’s precision components.

FlexCal™ Calibration
The Site Master series FlexCal broadband calibration feature is a method that allows you to perform a broadband calibration and change the frequency range after calibration without having to recalibrate the instrument.

RF Immunity
The Site Master series unique RF immunity algorithm solution enables you to make accurate cable and antenna measurements even in the presence of strong RF activity from co-located cell sites.


The Site Master S332E and S362E series with integrated spectrum analysis capability provide users with a high-performance, easy-to-use, feature-rich spectrum analyzer for field environments and applications requiring mobility. This makes the series ideal for a broad range of activities, including: spectrum monitoring, AM/FM broadcast proofing, interference analysis, field strength measurements, transmitter spectrum analysis, electromagnetic field strength, signal strength mapping, as well as overall field analysis of cellular 2G/3G/4G, land mobile radio, Wi-Fi, and broadcast signals. 

High Performance
The dynamic range is better than 95 dB in 10 Hz RBW, enabling measurement of very small signals in the presence of much larger signals.

Displayed Average Noise Level (DANL)
The Site Master series delivers impressive and best-in-class DANL performance. With the built-in pre-amp, better than -152 dBm DANL can typically be realized in 10 Hz RBW and -162 dBm when normalized to 1 Hz. This low-level performance capability is essential when looking for low-level interference signals.
GPS-Assisted Frequency Accuracy

With GPS Receiver Option 31, the frequency accuracy is < 50 ppb. This additional accuracy is important when characterizing 3GPP signals using counted frequency markers. Also all measurements can be GPS tagged for exporting to maps.

Simple But Powerful for Field Use Convenience is a must in the field. This is why the Site Master series is equipped with features that will enhance productivity in the field:
• With limit lines for all user levels, create single limit lines and segmented limit lines in one step using the one-button limit envelope feature.
• The Site Master series automatically sets the fastest sweep possible while still ensuring accurate measurements. This allows users to rely on the instrument to optimize accuracy and consistency.
• Auto attenuation ties the input attenuation to the reference level, eliminating the need for the user to determine how much attenuation is needed.
• Six regular and six delta markers can be displayed with a marker table that can be turned on as needed. The capability to measure noise level in terms of dBm/Hz or dBµV/Hz is a standard feature of the Site Master series.

Master Transmitter Testing

Smart Measurements for Transmitter Systems
Commonly needed transmitter measurements are built-in and can be accessed easily. These include: field strength, occupied bandwidth, channel power, adjacent channel power ratio (ACPR), AM/FM demod, and emission mask.

Occupied Bandwidth
This measurement determines the amount of spectrum used by a modulated signal. The Site Master series allows you to choose between two different methods of determining bandwidth: the percent-of-power or the “x” dB down method.

Adjacent Channel Power Ratio (ACPR)
ACPR is a common transmitter measurement. High ACPR will create interference for neighboring carriers. This measurement can be used to replace the traditional two-tone intermodulation distortion (IMD) test for system non-linear behavior.

Field Strength Measurements
The Site Master series can determine the effects of electromagnetic fields caused by transmitter systems. Specific antenna factors of the connected antenna are automatically taken into account and field strength can be displayed directly in dBµV/m. The Site Master series also supports a wide range of directional antennas. If you are using a different antenna, Master Software Tools can be used to edit the antenna list and upload the custom antenna list to the instrument to accurately measure the maximum field strength.

Emission Mask
The emission mask is a segmented upper limit line that will display frequency range, peak power and frequency, relative power and pass/fail status for each segment of the mask. The emission mask must have at least two segments. Emission mask adjusts to the peak power value of transmitted signal level per government emission mask requirements.

Master the Location of Interference

As the wireless industry continues to expand, more diverse uses for the radio spectrum emerge and the number of signals that can potentially cause interference is constantly increasing. Compounding the problem are the many sources that can generate interference, including intentional radiators, unintentional radiators, and self interference. Interference causes carrier-to-Interference degradation and robs the network of capacity. The goal of these measurements is to resolve interference issues as quickly as possible.

Interference Analyzer (Option 25)
The interference analyzer option provides you with a spectrogram display, RSSI, signal strength meter, signal ID, and interference mapping capabilities. The Site Master series integrated spectrum analyzer can detect signals as low as -152 dBm.

Spectrogram Display
The spectrogram display provides you with a 3D view of frequency, power, and time of the spectrum activity to identify intermittent interference and track signal levels over time. The dual display screen allows for easy viewing of both the spectrum and 3D views. The Site Master series allows you to save a history of data up to 72 hours.

Signal Strength Meter
The signal strength meter can locate an interfering signal by using a directional antenna and measuring the signal strength. It displays power in watts or dBm in the graphical analog meter display and by an audible beep proportional to its strength.

Signal ID
The signal ID feature in the interference analyzer can help you quickly identify the type of interfering signal. You can configure this measurement to identify all signals in the selected band or to simply monitor one single interfering frequency. The Site Master series then displays results that include: center frequency, signal bandwidth, signal type, SNR (dB), etc.

Pinpoint Location of Interfering Signal with Interference Mapping

Interference Mapping
The interference mapping measurement eliminates the need to use printed maps and draw lines to triangulate the interfering signal. Using easyMap™ Tools, it is easy to convert maps and make them compatible with the Site Master series. With a valid GPS signal, the instrument identifies the user location on the map. Using one of the recommended Anritsu Yagi antennas, you can identify the direction of the interfering signal and input the angle information with the rotary knob. With two or more lines from different locations, it is possible to obtain an estimated location of the interfering signal. The interference mapping can be done directly in the Site Master solution. Files can also be saved as kml and opened with Google® Earth.

Directional Antennas
Anritsu offers several different directional antennas covering a wide range of common frequency bands. See Ordering Information for a list of compatible directional antennas available.

GPS Antenna
The 2000-1528-R GPS antenna and Option 31 are required for the interference mapping and coverage mapping measurements.

Indoor and Outdoor Coverage Mapping Solutions (Option 431)
There is a growing demand for coverage mapping solutions. Anritsu’s coverage mapping measurements option provides wireless service providers, public safety users, land mobile ratio operators, and government officials with indoor and outdoor mapping capabilities.

Outdoor Mapping
With a GPS antenna connected to the instrument and a valid GPS signal, the instrument monitors RSSI and ACPR levels automatically. Using a map created with easyMap Tools, the instrument displays maps, the location of the measurement, and a special color code for the power level. The refresh rate can be set as time or distance. The overall amplitude accuracy coupled with the GPS update rate ensures accurate and reliable mapping results.

Indoor Mapping
When there is no GPS signal valid, the Site Master solution uses a start walk-stop approach to record RSSI and ACPR levels. You can set the update rate, start location, and end location and the interpolated points will be displayed on the map.

easyMapTM Tools
easyMap sources map data from either Google Maps or MapQuest. Maps sourced from Google can be displayed as terrain maps, road maps, hybrid maps (a combination of terrain and road maps), and as satellite view maps. These maps are quite useful when used in interference hunting or coverage mapping. However, Google Maps is not available in every country, due to country-specific restrictions. MapQuest sourced maps are available as road maps and come from the OpenStreet Maps movement. At this time, they are freely downloadable wherever internet access is available.

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