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    Proceq Equotip 3 Hardness Tester Kit

    Great condition Proceq Equotip 3 units in stock. These units have very little signs of use and function very well. The displays are in great shape, the buttons work perfectly, and the units are very accurate and portable. Please see all of the high resolution images below for a closer look at these fantastic units! The EQUOTIP measuring principle is physically a rather simple, dynamic hardness test. An impact body with a hard metal test tip is propelled by spring force against the surface of the test piece. Surface deformation takes place when the impact body hits the test surface, which will result in loss of kinetic energy. This energy loss is calculated by velocity measurements when the impact body is at a precise distance from the surface for both the impact and rebound phase of the test.
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    Olympus IPLEX LX 8mm/3.5m Videoscope

    Fantastic condition IPLEX LX videoscope for sale from Olympus. This unit has an 8 millimeter, 3.5 meter insertion tube in great shape with no kinks of bends. The probe tip articulates widely and responsively. The display is scratch free, bright and crisp, and the unit functions perfectly as a whole. The unit also has Stereo Measurement. Please see all of the high resolution images below for a much closer look at this excellent value!
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    Olympus IPLEX IV7650 6mm/5m Industrial Videoscope

    Great condition IPLEX IV7650 from Olympus. This is the 6mm/5m variant, and the unit functions very well. The unit is clean and shows little signs of wear, with a pristine display and immaculate controls. The articulation is great and the probe cable looks good. Please see all of the high resolution images for a much closer look!
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    GE Everest CA-ZOOM 6.2 with PTZ70 Camera...

    The Everest Ca-Zoom 6.2 puts inspection and digital image management in the palm of your hand with three interchangeable camera head options, integrated image capture and full-motion video recording capabilities, on-board file manager, annotation and measurement features.
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    Labino UVG3 UV Torch in Midlight

    Small, light and powerful, the UVG torch is a convenient tool for quick inspections. UVG Series products UVG2-5 are small and compact lights with a powerful output that offer convenience during quick inspections. The UVG3 torch weighs just 211 grams (7.4 oz). It has been specifically designed to meet the ASTM E3022-15 and ISO 3059-12 standards as well as requirements set by the PRIMES. The midlight UVG3 torch is equipped with a white light block filter that is not affected by solarization and have been tested to comply with both ASTM E3022-15 and ISO 3059-12 standards. It generates an intensity of approximately 8 000 μw/cm2 at 38 cm (15 inches).
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    Hocking Locator 2 Eddy Current Meter

    Locator 2s is a single frequency eddy current instrument and succeeds the highly popular Locator 2. Locator 2s is the latest in hand held eddy current inspection, designed with the needs of the operator in mind. Its lightness (only 0.94kg), unique keypad controls, ease of programming and particularly its big screen mean lots of inspections with little fatigue. The large LCD display can be seen clearly under any light conditions, even direct sunlight and the lithium-ion batteries allow for over 8 hours of operation, even with the backlight on
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